ONE EYE CLOSED 03 by Rosa Hanson-Alps


Fascinated by the concept of transformation Rosa fuses new materials with carefully selected found 'treasures' to create sculptures that offer a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and express a playful humour. There are no restrictions in the mix of materials used, so old masks, antiques, plastic toys, broken shards of porcelain can all be combined. Re-using as many discarded materials as possible is an important component of her work, as she's acutely aware of our heavy ecological footstep on this earth. She calls used objects 'found treasures' because that is what they are to her. They provide endless potential to be re-formed into something completely new and unique. Her aim is to create pieces that make the viewer reconsider their perception of an ordinary object and thereby reconsider their perspective of beauty.

The ONE EYE CLOSED  series of unique ink drawing prints of A3 size prints embellished with gold leaf, were an exclusive project created for :IN-RESIDENCE. This series is limited to 5 per set.

Born in England, Rosa has lived most of her life in West Africa and The Netherlands, where she currently lives and works.