Goldsmith :IN-RESIDENCE | Rock-Trove Ring


Combine and contrast our trio of Rock Rings in sterling silver, oxidised sterling silver and gold-plated silver for a unique look all your own. Pieces can be worn stacked, solo or across multiple fingers depending on your mood. Perfect for someone who just can’t make up their mind!

Goldsmith :IN-RESIDENCE is searching for jewels that make a connection with earth and time. The result is collection of the Rock Rings - cool and contemporary addition to the modern urban life.

The set of three stackable rings to wear effortlessly as one ring or separately. All three rings are made in sterling silver, one is plain silver, the other are gold plated and oxidised. Rock-Trove Ring is filed by hand to give it a matt surface, the inside is smooth and highly polished to expose elemental beauty of the rock. Handmade in London

Ring Features:

(3 stackable rings):

  • Sterling silver, 18ct gold plated ring
  • Sterling silver ring
  • Sterling silver, oxidised

Width:  3mm each

Weight: approx. 3g each

Handmade in London

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