'De Beauvoir Deli' North London A3 Print by Tomartacus


Tom and Jess Jones-Berney are a brother and sister design duo based in East London, running under the moniker of Tomartacus. With Jess taking photographs of the pairs’ favourite spots in London, Tom sketches them using a Wacom tablet, resulting in a unique brand of hand drawn digital prints.

They mainly create London art because it’s an unendingly interesting city, where inspiration is infinite. The contrast of the modern world up against the city’s big historical stalwarts creates incredible panoramas. They like to think their art is a bit of fun for the eyes, a slightly wobbly look at the world, with some added colour if you would want it.

The De Beauvoir Deli in Islington has been dishing up treats since 2009.

Prints are delivered unframed in a sturdy cardboard postal tube.

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